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Once you see something, you can’t unsee it. Back in 2014 my youngest son had a reaction to a vaccine. His face was swollen,he was covered with a rash, and had a fever. I wanted to find a way to help him with his rash so I did as most do: went to Google. While researching remedies, I discovered that most of the OTC medicines and household products contain chemicals that can destroy our lungs over time, irritate our skin, and cause other issues to each individual.

It was then that I made it my personal quest to find natural products to help our family with basic health care needs and to clean our home with chemical free substances. Home should be a safe haven; therefore I wanted my children to be safe while I was doing my everyday cleaning, being as they would be touching the surfaces of places I just cleaned and breathing in the chemicals that were sprayed.

Our skin is our biggest organ. What we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it. Most facial products have harsh chemicals that can mess with our skin, especially those with sensitive skin. There are well known bath and body companies out there that are producing beautiful smelling merchandise but with the expense of harming the consumer over time. 

Since the beginning of time, nature provided all that we needed to heal, restore, clean, and purify our bodies and homes, so that’s where we should continue to get our resources from today for a healthier tomorrow!


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