Project Description


There is no better feeling than that of pristine, freshly laundered clothes that emit a simple clean fragrance and deliver a softness like no other.

However most commercial laundry detergents and softeners are composed of unhealthy solvents that can absorb into the fibers of our clothes and end up touching our delicate skin. We then add more harmful chemicals to our clothes by dousing them with fabric softeners containing toxic fragrances so our clothes feel soft and smell ‘clean’.

Our laundry products are made with plant based ingredients, natural odor fighters such as distilled vinegar, biodegradable cleaning agents, simple compounds that aid in the softness of fabrics, and a variety of essential oils to provide beneficial cleaning properties to your clothes, linens and towels. 

  • All Natural Ingredients

  • Essential Oils

  • Plant Based Ingredients

  • No Harmful Chemicals

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