Car Wash Cleaner

Car Wash Cleaner


While hand washing vehicles your hands are vulnerable to the harmful cleaning agents they come in contact with. The cleaning clothes used to clean your dirty vehicle have been immersed into those same lethal agents and get thrown in with other towels we use to clean our bodies. Our cleaner cleans your vehicle so well that it appears to have a waxed look after a good wash!


Our outstanding car wash cleaner starts with our own handmade base that includes washing soda, plant based detergents, biodegradable degreaser, and water. To make this solution even more powerful we add peroxide (it does not harm the finish), and borax to our base, and the end product delivers a clean, shiny and spot free vehicle if you follow our recommendations.

Our natural cleaner comes in a 32 fluid ounce bottle. We recommend using ⅓ Cup of our solution to 2 gallons of warm water which will provide 12 car washes.

For best results wash your vehicle in the EARLY MORNING, LATE EVENING or in a SHADY LOCATION






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