Headlight Cleaner

Headlight Cleaner


It is imperative that your headlights are doing their job, especially at night. Our safe cleaner provides an immaculate clean you can see day or night!



Headlights get corroded with so much dirt and dust that your average car wash cleaner can’t get all the murky mess off.  Over time it makes your headlights appear dull and seeing at night becomes more difficult. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time; or get chemically  induced products to clean your headlights effectively. Our high quality, unpolluted cleaner can provide the clear clean your headlights need.

For best results, use a utensil to remove some product from the container and rub on your headlights using gloved hands, making sure to cover all areas of the headlights and taillights if you wish.  Let sit for 10-15 minutes then rinse and wash off well. Follow up with cleaning headlights with our Glass Cleaner for an even more vibrant clean.

NOTE that if the headlights are fogged up from the inside, our cleaner will not work unless you remove the covering and wash them from the inside cover first. You may have to stir slightly before each use.

 Our impressive cleaner contains washing soda, plant based detergents, vinegar, biodegradable degreaser, baking soda, peroxide, borax, and water and comes in a 2 oz container. 



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