Scented Bath Salts

Scented Bath Salts


Soaking in a tub infused with beneficial salts and exhilarating essential oils is a great way to release tension, receive relief from aches and pains, aid in respiratory care, help keep you grounded and balanced, and improve sleep.


Fill one of the muslin bags with our luxurious bath salts and hang over your faucet while the water is running or pour desired amount directly into tub. Relax and soak while the ingredients do their job for your particular need.

For best results soak for at least 20 minutes to ensure the bath salts work to their fullest potential. Comes in an 8 oz jar and includes 4 muslin bags

Each bath salt has a BASE that consists of Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, Himalayan Salt, baking soda, and apricot oil. We then add in the appropriate dried flowers and essential oils in to the invigorating bath salts so you receive the full effect of a relaxing bath.

Tranquility: Give yourself a relaxing bath and unwind from the day’s stresses (Base plus eucalyptus and spearmint oils OR patchouli, lavender and cederwood oils)

Terra: When you need to calm your mind from worry and fears and regain composure and confidence (Base plus fir, eucalyptus, and cederwood oils)

Slumber: Having a good night’s rest is essential to having a focused mind (Base plus lavender and cedarwood oils)

Breathe: Be relived of congestion and breathe with ease (Base plus eucalyptus, cypress and rosemary oils)

Soothe: Ease sore muscles and other body pains (base plus eucalyptus, lemongrass, and cypress oils)

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