• The All Purpose Cleaner contains a beneficial blend of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, orange and lemon essential oils. These oils provide antibacterial, antiseptic, and disinfectant properties that will combat bacteria on most surfaces, while leaving an immaculate, sanitary cleanliness you can feel. As an added bonus, your hands will feel silky smooth after using this eco friendly solvent. “A little goes a long way!”  **Do NOT use on Granite or Marble countertops  
  • While hand washing vehicles your hands are vulnerable to the harmful cleaning agents they come in contact with. The cleaning clothes used to clean your dirty vehicle have been immersed into those same lethal agents and get thrown in with other towels we use to clean our bodies. Our cleaner cleans your vehicle so well that it appears to have a waxed look after a good wash!
  • When it comes to tough cleaning, a mild abrasive can do its job without harsh chemicals! Use our cleaner to sanitize the areas more prone to needing a good scrubbing like your kitchen and bathroom sink, the tub or shower, stove or microwave. We use essential oils that aid in fighting bacteria, other unwanted germs, and grease, and leave behind a fresh citrus smell.  
  • Disinfecting Spray

    When the cold season is upon us and we need to disinfect pillows, mattresses or couches, it’s easier to use disinfecting spray to kill those nasty germs. Spray the countertops in your kitchen after an egg spill, spray on a cloth and wipe doorknobs, light switches, or wherever you don't want bacteria to linger. Our recipe comes in FULL STRENGTH and HALF STRENGTH  with one being made using 190 proof grain alcohol  and the other using isopropyl alcohol.
  • Shake desired amount of product in the lid or in another lid and using a stiff makeup brush, apply to roots of hair in the areas more prone to collect oils. Rub in using the brush or your hands and then style as usual. Our productive formula is made with arrowroot powder, cocoa powder (for dark hair), cornstarch and valuable essential oils of rosemary, lavender, tea tree, orange, grapefruit, and cedarwood to aid in soaking up excessive sebum oils, and to leave a nice scent in your hair. Comes in a 4 oz shaker container  
  • Remove dust and other minuscule fragments while leaving behind a shine and luster that makes your furniture look luxurious and leaves a lingering citrus smell.  
  • For those moments when your clothes or furniture need some refreshing, our Fabric Spray does the job! Choose from Lemon Mint Breeze or Tropical Blush.
  • After using our all natural, simple Fabric Softener, you will be able to tell a huge difference in the softness of your clothes- even your jeans!
  • For soft hands and a solvent that contains beneficial antibacterial and antiseptic properties, our foaming hand soap is perfect for the kitchen and bathroom. Not much is needed to get your hands silky smooth and clean. Just a slight push from the pump dispenser and you can wash away the dirt and germs and not worry about drying out your hands.
  • Glass Cleaner

    Lift your mood and reduce your stress while using our uplifting Window Cleaner infused with the therapeutic, sensuous aromas of sweet citrus oils.  Our Window Cleaner will give a crystal clear clean to any window or mirror in your home while the essential oils will invade your senses allowing you to embrace the energizing effects these oils provide that will make you want to clean more!
  • For a safer, yet effective alternative to cleaning granite or marble tops. Our Granite Cleaner is ideal for killing bacteria as well as leaving a fresh aroma in the air.
  • When you are unable to wash your hands you want a powerful yet gentle cleansing agent that will suffice when you require clean hands but have no way of washing them properly. Our hand sanitizer cleans hands and leaves behind no stickiness! Not only does your hands feel soft but they smell delectable too!
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